demoing lp1

studio1 studio2 studio3   Went into the studio last weekend with Colin Stewart at his home away from home on Vancouver Island. It felt like forever since we had been in a proper studio, and his proved comfortable and daunting at the same time. The space truly helped us feel like we had gone up a level and that was encouraging. We spent three days laying down all of our material so far for the next release so we could hammer down on what needs tweeking and what needs complete remodeling. Being there opened up some very interesting avenues that we haven’t explored before and it almost helped us put more definition and understanding into what kind of music we make and how to work together. Taking some time to reflect on the experience, we came back and decided that it is the right place to work on our next record. We’re spending the next few months solidifying and building the album even more only to go back late May.


Goodbye, 2015



us/yanni and friends/inside joke

Well, that’s it.

     We genuinely cannot believe that 2015 is already over. It feels like the years are shortening and there is still so much left to do. The past few months have lent us time to hammer down on quite a bit of pressure-less writing and planning for the years to come including some huge news that we can’t wait to drop. We will be heading over to the island at the end of next month to work on some demos with the incomparable Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, Yukon Blonde) and push even closer to our next release that is ready to burst out of our heads. It’s strange to remember that we began the year with our first little tour driving to Kelowna and back, only to be thrown into a massive adventure across Canada months later. We feel ourselves overwhelmed with luck, gratefulness and strength to have made it through some very trying circumstances and learning what living in a small grandma car for three weeks and driving for eleven hours for days on end does to your brain – not to mention what leaving chocolate in a hot vehicle does to your stomach. The experiences that we had on that tour and people we connected with will never be forgotten and it excites us to remember that we’ll be seeing those people again, hopefully sooner than later.

     We can’t stress enough how unbelievably fortunate we feel to have loving family, friends and fans such as yourselves. Drawing back to the tour kick off we hosted with The Good In Everyone before the big trek across the country, it stirs my emotions remembering myself looking out onto an absolutely full and anticipated crowd at the Fox Cabaret following a five month show hiatus. Memories like that can keep us positive in the heaviest of times and we have you to thank for that.


Jeremiah, Alea, Patrick

TOUR RECAP: Canada Tour 2015

   It’s almost as if there’s nothing left to say about the tour having said so much in the individual blog posts. That being said, we would like to thank every single artist that helped make each show as successful as they were. Thank you to the kind and gracious people that housed on nights that we had no where to go and sometimes even fed us in the morning. And, last but not least, thank you to The Good In Everyone for working with and coming to us a year ago with the idea of a nation-wide tour; we wouldn’t have had this experience if you hadn’t asked us to join you.

   Being on the road for days on end, driving in every kind of weather and having little to no privacy can truly make a person grateful for the simple things like a hard wood floor and a pillow or a deflated air mattress in a cold basement. I think that it is safe to say that we would not trade these ‘ experiences despite how grueling or frustrating some of them may have been. In a short three weeks – that felt like three months – we soaked in so much information that it’s difficult to know where to begin sometimes and we couldn’t be happier about it. We can’t wait to continue to learn, tour and reach out to new territories all over the world! The thought of hitting the road again is beyond exciting.

   So, without further adieu, upon weeding through hours of footage, we’ve finally compiled a two-part vlog from our favorite moments of the tour of which you can watch above. Hope you enjoy it, we laughed quite a bit watching it back!


Jer, Patrick, Alea

DAY 21: Cranbrook

   Our final show of tour was tonight. It’s an exhausting and exciting thought. Over the past half a year or so, we’ve been slowly piecing together this amazing journey and today was the last day.

   The day began with a generous breakfast provided by our incredible accommodations. Afterwards, we spent some time lounging around the house on a few comfortable couches before heading out and hitting up the local thrift stores. We talked a lot about going to thrift stores on this trip and we finally scored the chance to go to a few today. At the first one, Alea nabbed some more dog-themed memorabilia and I found a 7” and a wood frame for cheap. The owner struck up a conversation with me and it ended up boiling down to him taking a picture in front of his store with all three of us. The thrift stores in Cranbrook had a lot of interesting knick-knacks which we definitely took advantage of before heading back to the house to unwind a little more before the show. Taking a cat nap and checking our social media, we took a load off and had a lovely pasta dinner before packing the car and heading to The Byng.

   Upon loading in, Alea and Patrick fulfilled their Dairy Queen craving and stopped there for a pre-show snack. The stage was decent and the audience was great. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: we are grateful and incredibly lucky to have had the response that we’ve had on this tour.

   Before we knew it, our sets were over and we had capped off our first BIG tour with The Good In Everyone. Now, we get some rest before the long drive home that really doesn’t even phase us anymore.


DAY 20: Regina

   It was nice to wake up and not have to immediately drive somewhere for a change – we were already in Regina having driven there the previous day, so we took it pretty easy, just poked around some thrift stores, ate breakfast burritos and some of the best guacamole we’ve ever had, courtesy Jamison’s parents. By the time the show came around we were well fed and feeling a little relaxed for a change. Nick Faye and the Deputies, and Dagan Harding were super friendly, accommodating and supportive, and they helped us put on a great Sunday night show. We were a little apprehensive after our last two Sunday night show turnouts, but we had a little, attentive crowd, which was really nice. Every show that we meet good people at really lifts our spirits and helps us move forward, and I’m personally so happy to have met the people we have and made connections with so many great musicians.

   Only one show left.


Day 19: Road Pt 4

   Our second to last day seemed shorter than usual despite the length of the nine hour drive which has become the norm for these car rides. We left Regina in good spirits approaching the last city of the tour. With the high of the night before still pumping through our minds, we powered through five hours or so of straight highway and prairie. Pulling up to Medicine Hat, we made a stop in the Value Village right off the motorway but, unfortunately, found nothing worth bringing back. Only making stops for gas and a few snacks, it wasn’t long before we had trailed all the way across Alberta and into British Columbia. It’s more than safe to say that we all felt the wave of relief passing through the mountains again. Everything from the air to the water in our bottles helped comfort us driving through the most dangerous rock slide area in Canada, “Frank’s Slide”. Eventually, we arrived safely in Cranbrook and pulled into our accommodations. Tomorrow, we will be playing our last show in Cranbrook and… well, it’s a strange thought for all of us… both sad and exciting.


DAY 18: Moose Jaw

   After another long drive, we arrived in Moose Jaw to play the Common Cafe – it was a nice early night, which was a good change of pace for us. I had a veggie sandwich with hummus that was excellent. Moose Jaw seems peaceful and doesn’t have a particularly bumping Saturday night scene, by the looks of it, but it’s also hard to get an accurate impression of a city when you’re just passing through.
That night we backtracked to Regina and spent the night at Jamison’s parents’ place, which was very luxurious – they made us great food and we spent the night relaxing and talking by the fire pit in their backyard. It’s very nice to be taking it easy as tour is coming to a close. Only two shows left.